About Us Who are we

Coloring your house is like coloring your world. These days colors are just not the reflection of oneself but also a lifestyle choice. With our multifaceted array of hues and finishes, the colors you can surround yourself with can be an extension of your personality.

Rainbow Coating System is established with a vision of re-creating innocent smiles & harmony to the human mind that strikes them when they see the most beautiful view of nature “RAINBOW”.

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Why Rainbow Coating System ? Why choose us

  • Quality – Durability & Protection
  • Staff Support – Budgeting & Supervision
  • Cost Effective
  • Eco - Friendly
  • Covering Ability
  • Cleaning at Ease
  • Aesthetic Value

Our Products will help you with

Enhanced Design

Protecting Valuable Assets

Decreasing Life-Cycle Cost

Improving Asset Value

Testimonials What people say about us!

  • Ar. Shailendra Deshmukh

    - Architect

    After use on couple of sites i have recommended products of rainbow coating system to many of my clients.I got good feedbacks and quality assurances. I am satisfied with the product quality, customer service and overall experience.

    Mr. Krishnakant Lande

    - Director, M/S KK Constructions

    I use products of Rainbow Coating System Pvt. Ltd. in my residential projects as they are available at reasonable rates and possess the same qualities as any other branded company.Thank you Rainbow Coating for the wonderful customer service and helpful advice.

    Mr. Nilesh Khandediya

    It is a wonderful product, smooth to apply, good coverage and a pleasant smell. Thank you Rainbow Coatings for the wonderful customer service and helpful advice.

  • रविंद्र टवलारे, पेंटर अमरावती

    मुझे रेनबो पेंनट्स की क्वॉलिटी बहुत अच्छी लगी
    इसलीये मै अभी रेनबो पेंट्स ही इस्तेमाल करता हु ।

    गजानन गुजरे, मुर्तिकार अमरावती

    मै मेरे मुर्तियों को रेनबो पेंट्स ही लगाता हु ।